Acer Aspire As5750-2456G50mtkk Twelve.6-Inch Laptop

Acer Aspire As5750-2456G50mtkk Twelve.6-Inch Laptop

The Wait is over!! Launching the Aspire V5 and M5 laptops, Acer most likely to make them available with touchscreens. This time around, Acer has improved its M Series and V Series laptops and has incorporated thinner designs compared to the prior models. Two new models are for sale in the M series - the 14" M5-481PT and the 15.6" M5-581T. These two models can be categorized as ultrabooks. A new OS will be readily available the hardware.


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Its theme for you folks now - the costs on the M5 as well as the V5 aren't high. The 14-inch M5 ultrabook with touch begins at $799.99. The 14-inch V5 can cost you $749.99 and the 15.6-inch version will be $50 alot more.


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