Thailand: Favorite Asia Travel Destination

Thailand: Favorite Asia Travel Destination

Sun, fun, diving, partying or letting go. Any of these are reasons island hopping is so incredibly popular in Thailand. Phuket one of the most popular island site in the country for international tourist. However, it has become overrun recently.


Saigon: may a westernized city in Vietnam. Are usually many a number of small towns situated here plus they also reflect the culture and heritage of the country.


There can be of the city. There are also trains and buses you can find at Saigon to Nha Trang, depending period and financial situation.


Scuba diving is a true activity here, as with most islands in Asia. Incredible marine life and fantastic visibility complement easy use of dive sites to develop world class diving. Dive centers line the main strip of the village. PP Aquanauts is really the most professional as well as the friendliest shop, with distinct options from single dives to certification and divemaster training. The diving another fantastic, as there was a good chance of seeing the elusive whale shark.


For some historical sightseeing head into the War Remnants museum. Known locally travel asia while Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes, its captions and photos normally controversial for visitors intended for their anti-American audio. But the mass of photos, information and war material make this the number one stop however itineraries.


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Before you travel abroad, make sure your passport and work visas is going to be order. Get a vaccinations 3 to 5 weeks before you go. Leave your contact information with someone you trust so these people could get a hold individuals in an urgent situation. With extended trips, it a very good idea to pack light since you will be doing laundry with a long will stay.