Job Titles and Responsibilities of a Camera Crew

Job Titles and Responsibilities of a Camera Crew

When it comes to camera crews and filming it's safe to say that the camera itself is the backbone of the operation. If cameras aren't present on the set, there would obviously be no production. Successful production will depend on having appropriately trained and skilled crew members. The main person involved in any film set will be the director. This person is the one who makes things happen on the set. Here are camera equipment hire and responsibilities of a camera crew.


Camera Operator


Just as the job title says, the camera operator is the person who will operate the camera throughout the filming process. There are several factors that determine how many camera operators are necessary. Sometimes the director may step in and assist with camera operations. This is not uncommon as they have a very important role. A director will be familiar with the jobs and responsibilities of each person during the filming process. This person is also responsible for making sure everyone on the set and off the set is where they need to be when the camera rolls.


Digital Imaging Technician


Modern technology has taken video production to a new level whereas almost everything is done digitally. The digital imaging technician will perform functions such as the management of quality control, color adjustments and the distribution of files. The files gathered will be sent from the technician to whomever is in charge of editing the content for production. Anyone who is in this position will need to have vast technical knowledge that is consistently expanding.


Camera Production Assistant


This is the person that will assist the local video crew perform tasks such as setting up and moving equipment from one place to another. They must be completely familiar with the breakdown and setup of all camera equipment. This person must be highly skilled and understand the basic technical requirements related to camera operations. Many crews many have multiple camera production assistants.


Other jobs in the Crews Control camera crews may include titles such as director of photography, first assistant camera, second assistant camera and loader. Some crews may have other job titles and responsibilities. Larger crews may also have those individuals they refer to as laborers. These are usually the people that assist in many different areas behind the scenes. production house requires many different skilled and unskilled personnel. The right professional camera crew will help ensure that quality imaging is produced.